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Please ... Don't Kill Me

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The subject is Dean Milo, a millionaire shot to death one night just inside the door of his home in Bath, a suburb of Akron, Ohio. The police failed to solve the case, and Milo's widow hired Dear to investigate in 1980. The detective considered rumors that the victim was involved in drug dealing but nonetheless turned his suspicions on Milo's kin. Milo had greatly enriched his family by taking control of their jointly owned business, yet they resented his usurpation. They became Dear's prime suspects and he was able to prove that the victim's brother and a cadre of hired henchmen committed the murder.

Publication Details:

  • Title: "Please ... Don't Kill Me - The True Story of The Milo Murder"
  • Author: William C. Dear & Carlton Stowers
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books, New York, NY
  • Release Date: January 14, 1990
  • Price: $26.99


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Hi just wanted to let you know that bill wrote a very good book i dont necessary agree with some of the things he wrote about because i know the person that killed milo and i know dear. he wanted to write another book but the person who killed milo wanted to just let it go. he was a very young man at the time and has served his time.with out his help there would not have been a solved muder.with out him the people involved would not have been brought to justice this is why i loved the book bill did all he could to write about the truth and the muder happen just as he wrote but the results were much more dramatic.
A friend of mine lived with Terry Lea King in the late 1970s. I had been to Terrys house a number of times - secluded - couldnt see the house from the road. Took Terry to see Looking for Mr. Goodbar when it came out. Kind of weird when you read about somebody you met that was involved in something like this. Never met any of the other characers involved but recall hearing their names mentioned.

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