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Mr. Dear is based in Mount Calm, Texas and has 30 years investigative experience. He’s often called “the real life James Bond” by the news media. Mr. Dear, along with Captain Larry Momchilov of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, was inducted into the Police Officers Hall of Fame as a private investigator for his work on the Milo murder case. Dear was instrumental in obtaining 11 arrests and convictions, still holding the US record for the largest number of people ever convicted for a single murder. Each year, The National Association Of Investigative Specialists, Inc. issues a lifetime achievement award to a private investigator who has made substantial contributions to the private investigative industry. William C. Dear won the award in 2006.

Since opening his own investigation agency in Dallas in the early 1960s, Dear’s investigations have taken him throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and many other countries. Mr. Dear is also a Board-Certified instructor who conducts Accredited Training Seminars throughout the United States for law enforcement officials, private investigators, and attorneys. Although his agency conducts a broad range of private investigations, Mr. Dear’s passion has always been in homicide investigations in the private sector. His presentations on this subject at NAIS conventions have always been considered top flight.

Some of these investigations include the OJ Simpson investigation, the Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald, The disappearance of the Teenage Genius and the “Alien Autopsy.” His investigations have been featured on some of the most watched news and investigation channels including Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries and Fox TV.

Below Is a List of His Most Renowned Investigation

  • William Dear set the international record for number of people convicted
  • O.J. Simpson Investigation (California) – Get the book
  • Exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • The Disappearance of Teenage Genius
  • James Dallas Egbert III (Michigan) – Get the book
  • Jerry Sternadel Murder – Featured on Current Affair
  • Dean Milo Murder (Ohio) – Get the book
  • The “Alien Autopsy” Investigation featured on Fox TV
  • Patsy Wright Murder – Featured on Unsolved Mysteries
  • The disappearance of Mary Jimmie ‘Bobo’ Shinn – Read the full story
  • Dan Beckton Murder (Canada)
  • Amber Crum Murder
  • The Black Widow – Murder
  • Leon Laureles – Murder
  • Mary Leonard – Murder
  • Glen Courson – Murder
  • Ricky Beard – Murder
  • Ann Coan – Murder
  • The Missing Link – Murder
  • Great Imposter Case
  • Nigel Newton – Attempted Kidnapping
  • Casey Roberts & Robbie Biggars Murders
  • Charles Whitenhafer Murder
  • Donna Benevides Murder
  • Allen Rehrig Murder
  • Olive Dry Murder (Alabama)
  • Christy Meeks Murder
  • Cherie Ann Kennedy Kidnapping
  • Gwen Burke Kidnapping (Nebraska)

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